Roots Reggae artist, Ras Xtr3me was born on November 1, 1992 in Spanish Town, Jamaica with

a musical mission to inspire and help others embrace their higher conscience. Growing between

the city life of Old Harbor, St. Catherine and the country life of Chapelton, Clarendon, Ras

Xtr3me’s childhood experiences are uniquely tailored and exciting, lending way to his musical

message. At age 14, after hearing his voice recorded for the first time, Ras Xtr3me’s attraction to

the arts, expression and performance were greatly sparked; thus the official birthing of Ras

Xtr3me’s musical journey began. Singer-songwriter and musical engineering practice have been

well on its way for Ras Xtr3me, as 12 years succeeding the initial spark he can still be found in

the musical arena using his gift of song to share and promote rural and bush culture


Over the years, there have been many influences which allude to the musical sound of Ras

Xtr3me; a roots, rockers, reggae vibration. The young Ras Xtr3me grew up singing in the church

which resulted in a Gospel influence on his early sound. Over time, the sounds of Hip Hop and

RnB from the United States in combination with the cultural Roots Reggae blasting from the

sound systems of Jamaica added structure to his musical foundation. Ras Xtr3me was intrigued

by how charismatic, jovial, and engaging artists like Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown and Bob Marley

were, thus, when creating, he considers those characteristics along with his unique touches and

sound in order to reach his intended audience. Ras Xtr3me is also influenced by the way each

riddim speaks to him, and uses his craft to present vivid and artistic storytelling.

What can be expected next of Ras Xtr3me?

As 2020 comes to a close, Ras Xtr3me is set out to release a compilation of works in the form of

a three part album series. The album series begins with a 5 track EP entitled ‘Carbon’, which is

to be officially released September 25 th , 2020. Ras Xtr3me chose the name ‘Carbon’ for this

debut project because Carbon as an entity fully embraces blackness and sometimes is referred to

as Melanin, since it is the binder and basis of all living organisms. Carbon as a molecule attracts

everything towards it and it is the binder amongst all other molecules; as it pulls together and

binds organic elements, Ras Xtr3me intends for this project series to do the same among the

Black community.

“After listening to Carbon, I wish for ones to walk away with a stronger knowing of self; I hope

listeners feel empowered and rejuvenated, edified and aware. After listening, ones should have a

clearer overstanding of how they can move forward into their highest heights.” – Ras Xtr3me